Traveling to Special Sea Scout Opportunities

2012 will have great opportunities for Sea Scouts that may require air travel.

Many volunteers wonder, “How can we afford airline tickets for Sea Scouts?”

Air Miles are one solution to this challenge.

Many business travelers are happy to donate air miles to sponsor a Sea Scout to sail on the Coast Guard Barque Eagle, race in the Koch Cup or attend SEAL.

Many Sea Scouts have given presentations to Boy Scout Council Executive Boards, Yacht Clubs, Elks Lodges and Rotary Clubs, to name just a few civic-minded organizations, about the Sea Scout opportunity they are trying to attend.  Here are some best practices in making a travel assistance presentation:

Send Letter Request Highlighting the Activity & Requesting Assistance with Air Miles

Prepare Engaging PowerPoint with Photos or Video highlighting Opportunity

Practice Your Presentation

Attend Meeting (Dress Uniforms often impress groups)

Keep the Presentation within 5 minutes

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Specifically ask for air miles, as many donors feel more comfortable donating air miles instead of money

Request to return and make a presentation showing what you did on your Sea Scout Opportunity

Remember, you never have a second chance to make a first impression.  Many people will decide if they want to help within the first minute of your presentation.  Smile, look sharp and thank everyone for the opportunity to attend their meeting.

Be sure to send those who donate a thank you letter for their assistance.  On your Sea Scout adventure, take photos and video to showcase the Sea Scout opportunity.  People love seeing how Sea Scouts benefited from their help with a presentation after you return from your Sea Scout event.

A “Thank You” photo signed by Sea Scouts goes a long way in recognizing donors for supporting Sea Scouts.

There are many ways to attend Sea Scout events 2,000 miles away from your hometown.  Asking for air miles is just one way to attend a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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