Ways to Get People to “Like” Sea Scouts on Facebook

By Linda Meza, SSS Albatross, Martinez, California

You’ve been asked to create a Facebook Fan Page for your Sea Scout Ship, now what?

Part One: Research

There you are sitting in front of your computer monitor saying to yourself, “What am I going to write about?”

#1 Writers are readers first

Sea Scout on Watch on the SSS Gryphon in the mid-1990s.

When I started looking for Sea Scout information online for the Sea Scout Centennial, I’ll admit I was a little disappointed. But there’s a Facebook group, I Was a Sea Scout in the San Francisco Bay Area, that’s really taking off.

With over two hundred members, you’ve got a lot of former and current Sea Scouts sharing stories, photos and videos.  Other areas have similar groups.

Read the comments and look for stories that make you feel what the person was experiencing. When the SSS Albatross set sail on summer cruise bound for the Columbia River, there were stories of whale and dolphin sightings, midnight watches and frozen snacking.

Sea Scout on the SSS Compass Rose for a SEAL course in the early 2000s.

Set Google alerts for Sea Scout related news. Read online stories about power boating, sailing, Merchant Marines and the United States Coast Guard. Chances are you won’t run out of material.

#2 Writers know the “two ears, one mouth rule”

Summer Cruise on the M/V Fury, SSS Challenger, in the 1950s.

Sea Scouts are blessed to have the adult leadership it has. Chances are pretty good everyone you meet was a Sea Scout before they became a volunteer.

Ask them to tell you what it was like, in the good ole days; you know when they were still navigating by the stars.

Don’t laugh; I hear celestial navigation may be the Ancient Mariner Regatta’s Centennial Mystery Event.

Talk to Committee Members, ask them what were they thinking when they signed on to; launder diesel stained jeans, relearn the basics of ironing and tack on ships patches five minutes before uniform inspection, and deal with the ravenous, post regatta zombie.

Listen for the stories of moms looking for strong male role models to help fill the void of a single parent household; the parents who noticed a new swagger in their Sea Scout. Or the Ship’s leader who watched a self-conscience kid grab hold of the brass ring Sea Scouting skills provides, then have that grown man or woman return to Sea Scouts to give back what they were given.

You’ll use these first hand stories to help craft your authentic voice.

Part Two: Storytelling.

One thought on “Ways to Get People to “Like” Sea Scouts on Facebook

  1. really nice soon I will write my experiences from my childhood, Naval high School Naval Academy, See axperience including 6th feet and Gatmo shakedown Shipbuilding and Meeting Turkish Sea Scouts running 5 Sea Scout camps like Ancient Mariners my bet camp with my troop onboard a fishing boat for a week

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