Sea Scout Centennial Council Patch Initiative

Celebrate the Sea Scout Centennial and show pride in your local Sea Scout Council Squadron by designing a special council patch.

All Boy Scout Councils are encouraged to create custom patches to honor the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Sea Scouts program in the United States. Sea Scouts, Volunteers and BSA Council Professionals should work together in honoring their local Sea Scouts.  Whether your council has had Sea Scouts for 99 years or 2 months, this is a great way to showcase your Scouting maritime traditions.

The motto of the Sea Scout Centennial is “Sea Scouts: An American Tradition Since 1912.” Patch artwork can portray Sea Scouts, local aquatic landmarks, watercraft, or anything you think best represents your local program’s past, present or future. All Centennial patches should include any variation of the theme “An American Tradition Since 1912.” You are only limited by your imagination.

The patch must follow the Boys Scouts of America Brand Identity Guide, the BSA’s Guidelines for Custom Patches and Emblems, and any local council requirements.

Also, any patch that depicts the Sea Scouts logo or any other logo or trademark of the Boy Scouts of America, including the phrases “Sea Scouts” or “Boy Scouts of America,” must be produced by a company that has been licensed by the BSA National Council. You can find a list of such companies, called “Official BSA Licensees,” here.

All patches made by Official BSA Licensees are subject to final approval by BSA Licensing, which manages the National Council’s trademark licensing program and brand protection efforts. Please keep in mind that only the BSA National Council can give permission to companies to use BSA marks on custom patches.

Council Sea Scout Centennial patches will be worn with pride and treasured for years to come by Sea Scouts and volunteers alike.

Looking for inspiration? Ask your Sea Scouts! They are sure to have lots of great ideas.


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