Opportunities After Sea Scouts

The Sea Scouting program has always been the foremost leadership experience like no other. After being a youth and going through the Advancement ladder to Quartermaster the opportunities suddenly arise. The Quartermaster rank allows a youth to enter the United States Coast Guard as an Enlisted rank three (E-3). For those who are in touch with their leadership potential and are academically brilliant, there is the United States Coast Guard Academy.

This world-renowned service academy is located in New London, Connecticut and specializes in training leaders with “sound bodies, stout hearts and alert minds, with a liking for the sea and its lore.” As well as being one of the top 10 small colleges in America, it is also the smallest and most academically challenging when compared to the other service academies. The Coast Guard Academy is a 4-year college that gives a cadet the opportunity to earn a bachelor of sciences degree. After graduating a once cadet becomes a commissioned Officer in the Coast Guard with 5 years of service to give back. Tuition and all other expenses to the Academy are free; the government pays full way. The education is valued at $365,000 and this is only available to 290 qualified cadets.

Sea Scouting has always been held as a valuable admission token for getting into the Coast Guard Academy. Quartermaster Abby King (Ship 912) of St. Petersburg, FL, recently entered the Coast Guard Academy and is currently partaking in ‘Swab Summer”. For her, the Academy offers an excellent place to display her leadership skills, academic brilliance, and sailing prowess among her peers who all emphasize these very qualities. During the four years at the Coast Guard Academy, cadets will be faced with over 6 classes every semester, the most challenging leadership training, and the ability to improve as independent citizens who will eventually become the officers of the Untied States Coast Guard.

As Sea Scouts, we always give our best efforts as leaders over the water, and the Coast Guard is an excellent way to make a career out these skills learned. Any Sea Scout interested in the United States Coast Guard Academy should check out their website http://www.cga.edu and then get in touch with an Admissions Officer. The Sea Scouting program trains youth leaders, and the Coast Guard will develop these learned skills into “Coasties” who protect our country on a daily basis.

Billy McElligott                                                                                                Southern Region Boatswain                                                                                  Ship 956, Dunedin, FL

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