Sea Fox California Delta Summer Cruise 2011

For Sea Scouts, there is one event we all look forward to, year after year– Summer cruise!!! Sea Scouts in the San Francisco Bay Area prepare their vessels for weeks in advance with the food, fuel, head- counts, and lots of floating toys they need, for a ten- day cruise through the Sacramento Delta. No parents, tons of swimming, other crews to meet up and hang out with, and a whole bunch of fun! Pretty awesome, right?

As a member of Sea Scout Ship Sea Fox in Alameda, our summer cruise began Friday morning. Shopping started a 7am, when all 4 carts’ worth of groceries were bought by the Boatswain, Skipper, and two parents, to be loaded onto the boat once all were there. Noon arrives, and the crew and adults begin to bring their gear aboard. Once gear is on the boat, the crew begins a little cleanup and last- minute TLC as they cruise up to the fuel dock for a long wait…

After a couple hours of loading, re- loading, and fueling our vessel, the 53- foot Sea Fox, our Boatswain and Skippers begin the ship’s safety run- down, showing new (and old) crewmembers the location and proper use of our fire extinguishers, PFD’s, and other safety equipment. And eventually, we cast off our lines and begin to cruise (ok, more like float with the engines on) through the crowded marina, until we reach the breakwater and finally the Bay where our cruise truly begins!

Fenders brought on board, lines coiled, watches assigned, galley started, and we were off! Five adults, five youth, all excited about arriving the next morning in the Delta, and at our first stop– Old Sacramento! And let me tell you, it was a long cruise indeed!

But once docked in Old Sac,

the shopping for random objects… could begin!

And after our visits with the little ducklings hanging out by the dock,

a few pictures of this awesome boat,

and a few probably- unnecessary trips to Evangeline’s Costume Mansion and other stores,

we were off again. This time to the American River, where we:

  • swam
  • played in small boats
  • And much, much more!!!

And after that, Sea Fox cruised to Westgate Landing, located in the small town of Terminous, where they met up with other Ships in the fleet to play and catch up. And with all those Sea Scouts in one place, it had to be fun, right?!?

I think I speak for everyone on the Sea Fox when I say Summer Cruise 2011 will be one to remember!

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