Why Knot: Time to Host a Welcome Aboard Day

As the school year resumes, it reminds all Sea Scouts to host a Welcome Aboard Day to recruit prospective new members.  Our 2011 recruiting theme is “Why Knot?” Recruiting posters are available for download here: Poster 1 and Poster 2.

A “Welcome Aboard Day” is an open house where Sea Scouts can showcase the best of their program to prospective members.  “National” Welcome Aboard Day is September 24, 2011, but there is nothing stopping a Sea Scout Ship from organizing a Welcome Aboard Day that best fits their local community.

August and September are excellent times to host events for new high school students who are looking for new opportunities.  Sea Scouts can provide a freshman with a great place to have fun, enjoy the wonders of being on a boat, and making new friends.  More importantly, they can learn skills that will last a lifetime.

A “Welcome Aboard Day” needs to have three elements: activity, food, and fun.  Sea Scouts planning a “Welcome Aboard Day” can do the following to invite interested youth:

Invite former Boy Scouts from a Council Drop List to Attend

Set up a recruiting booth with posters, flyers and collecting names/telephone numbers/emails at a High School Club Day

Show a “What Did You Do This Weekend” Sea Scout Video to a Religious Youth Group

Welcome Aboard Day activities are only limited by your imagination.  Successful events have included:

Taking a boat out for a short cruise (be sure to let youth haul in running rigging, take the helm, or start an engine)

Teaching Competitive Activities, such as Boatswain’s Chair, or How to Throw a Heaving Line

Barbeque Food

Our recruiting goal is to have 10,000 Sea Scouts in the United States.  Please join us in hosting Welcome Aboard Days across the country.

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