Sea Scout Rendezvous in 1955

Rendezvous Welcome Letter

Almost since the beginning of Sea Scouts, there have been Sea Scout competitions.  Whether or not an event is a “regatta” or “rendezvous” often depends on the geographic area hosting the event.  Regardless of the title, a Sea Scout competition is an event where Sea Scouts challenge their skills, work as a team, make new friends and have fun.

The following images are from the November 25, 1955 “Hoist,” the publication of the Naval Training Center at San Diego that hosted the “Explorer Rendezvous.”

The entire 1955 Rendezvous Packet can be downloaded here.

Details on The 1955 Rendezvous:

1,500 Sea Scouts (Sea Explorers at the time) attended the Rendezvous

Cost was $1.50 per person

Sea Scouts Attended from California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona

Events included Cutter Pulling, Sailing, Skiff Pulling, Heaving and Signaling

K.W. Van Wig was the Chairman

The Southwestern Rendezvous continues the proud tradition of the “Rendezvous.”  For more information, please visit

4 thoughts on “Sea Scout Rendezvous in 1955

  1. Josh: As the current Chair of the Rendezvous, I thank you for the great post about Rendezvous. Rendezvous actually began in Newport Beach in 1939. Via email I will send you a scan of the log entries from SSS Volunteer (Long Beach) detailing their experience at the 41 & 42 Rendezvous.

  2. The organizer for the 1955 event, Ken VanWig, was my grandfather and he loved the Rendezvous! My first dance was at a Rendezvous . . . and eventually I attended as a Sea Scout myself.

  3. K.W. VanWig was my grandfather. Rendezvous was typically held on Thanksgiving weekend, so I remember him getting his turkey sandwich to pack for his trip to the event. My first dance was at a Sea Scout event and I was so proud when I competed in the Rendezvous the first time as a Sea Explorer!

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