12 Questions for Crew Leaders

Skipper Carl D. Lane of the Dauntless, author of the 1939 Sea Scout Manual and the 1942 Handbook for Crew Leaders (Now Reprinted by Kessinger Publishing LLC) wrote extensively on Sea Scout leadership and training. 

The Handbook for Crew Leaders posed 12 Questions for Crew Leaders to ask themselves about their crews.  These questions are relevant today for any youth leader today in Sea Scouts.

1.  Do I know every Sea Scout in my Crew – their strong and weak points; ambitions, home life, special needs?

2.  Can I plan and conduct Crew Meetings worthwhile enough to insure steady attendance?

3.  Can I report to the Mate at every muster, “All present and accounted for, Sir.”?

4.  Can I interest my Crew in continuous and thorough work for their advancement in Scouting and Sea Scouting?

5. Can I divide the actual leadership of the Crew so that every Sea Scout gets a chance to do his best part in helping my Crew?

6. Can I patiently handle the boneheads, the wise guys and the toughies so that they come through with Crew spirit?

7. Can I keep the service idea strong in the minds of my Crew mates so that service is a habit?

8. Can I make the fellows proud of our Crew’s appearance, dependability, and progress so that the Crew spirit will be strong and wholesome?

9. Can I plan a Crew activity well enough so that my Skipper can trust me to carry through without his supervision?

10. Can I wisely lead my Crew in its part of the Ship’s enterprises and have enough ability to think through more things for my Crew to do?

11. Can I justify my Skipper’s confidence in my loyal and thoughtful cooperation under his leadership for the development of the Ship?

12. Can I make my own life an unboastful example and encouragement to every person in my Crew?

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