Parents in Sea Scouting

As a whole Sea Scouts rely on the Scouts and the will of the adult volunteers who make our program great. But a big concern has risen recently, and that concern is retention. I have been approached by prospective Sea Scouts and those that have been with the program for years who have said their parents couldn’t justify the dues. A lot of times the parents and adult volunteers in Sea Scouting go unrecognized with the thought that they understand everything about the program. But in reality most parents have a curiosity about what their kids have been doing.

On this note, a routine Parents Meeting would be something to consider. My Ship has consistent Parents Meeting where we host the parents for an evening of fellowship and pictures, logbooks, activities etc. This allows the parents to have a greater understanding of the Sea Scouting program. If the parents feel more involved with the respective organization they are more than likely to push their kids to stick with Sea Scouts versus questioning their investment.

Sea Scouting operates at the local Ship level. Similar to any other business, the stock holders (the parents) would like to know where their money is going. If you have the resources, take the parents out on the water one day or do a joint activity with the youth and parents. Encourage the parents to take a role in your Sea Scout Ship. Above all else, make sure to have fun, and make sure the parents see that as well!

Billy McElligott
Southern Region Boatswain
Ship 956 – Dunedin, FL

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