Maritime Academy

Sea Scouts can open the door to many opportunities.  A lot of times, it can help you get into a particular school of your choice.  But, have you ever considered attending a school that emphasizes some of the skills that you learned as a Sea Scout?  There are many schools like this across the country, and not all of them are service academies; SUNY Maritime College, California Maritime Academy, and Maine Maritime, just to name a few.

Although all of these schools are noteworthy, there is one in particular that I would like to talk to you about.  That specific one is Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Located on Taylor’s Point in Massachusetts, it surrounded on three sides by water; the Cape Cod Canal, Buzzards Bay, and Buttermilk Bay.  It is home to about 1,300 students during the fall and spring semesters on its campus at the Taylor’s Point location, but also has another interesting campus, as do the other maritime schools.  MMA has a 540-foot floating campus that is called the T/S Kennedy. During the two month winter term, January and February, the main campus, on dry land, is essential deserted while approximately 600 students and 150 teachers, crew members, and food services employees set sail for the Caribbean just in time to miss the cold weather as they make way towards at sea classes as well as some adventure in every port.  This year the students on the T/S Kennedy will be heading to Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, and St. Thomas.  A thrilling experience that will be cherished by all involved.

Just like all of the other maritime academies, it does not require military service after graduation, as it is a state school, but does give students the means to finding a way to military service if that is their goal.

I never knew that these schools even existed until I was introduced to Massachusetts Maritime Academy through my Sea Scout experiences.  Now, I am a 3rd Class Cadet at Massachusetts Maritime Academy studying International Maritime Business and having the time of my life.  I have met some great people here, and some of them Sea Scouts from all over the country!  I encourage everyone to take a look at maritime academies as well as other schools they would have never thought to apply to.  You never know what you will find in all of them and you never know how many Sea Scouts you will meet there.  I try to stay active with the units that call Cape Cod, MA home as well as my unit back home.



Amanda Ballassi

Northeast Regional Boatswain

March 2011- March 2012


SSS 584 – Groton, CT

3/C Cadet Massachusetts Maritime Academy

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