Sea Scout Youth: Thoughts, Ideas, and Comments Wanted!!

On October 14th, 2011, the National Sea Scout Committee held their annual meeting discussing the different aspects of Scouting, and the progress that we’ve made, as an organization, since our last meeting. There were reports from each region, including the newly represented Western Region. Overall, the meeting was a success, as we discussed things quite pivotal to development, such as our program, advancement, and the support we have within Sea Scouts as well as outside of Sea Scouts. The big question though, was, what do the youth want?

And so, here is the question, on which I encourage all youth to comment: What can the National Sea Scout Committee do for you? How can we help improve the Sea Scout program? How can we improve support relationships with outside organizations and within our organization? How can we improve advancement?

Feel free to comment on this post, or send your ideas to me at:

Fair winds and following seas!

Eva Hogan
National Sea Scout Boatswain
Ship 502 – Houston, TX

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