New Quartermaster Sea Scouts from the SSS Corinthian

From the Aurora District Newsletter, December 2011-February 2012

Sea Scouts Bridget Eames and Eric Johnson have earned the Quartermaster Award – the highest rank in Sea Scouts.

The Aurora District of the Chief Seattle Council is pleased to recognize these two young scouts and their many accomplishments since they joined the Corinthian Yacht Club’s Sea Scout Ship in 2007.

Eric Johnson (20) of Mercer Island, is an award-winning competitor in BSA sailboat racing.

He and his sailing teammate, Levi White have thrice won the NW Fleet’s Sailing Competition the Seattle based Kelly Cup and also won the 2008 Kiwi Cup at the William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup.

Eric is a 2008 graduate of SEAL, the Sea Scout Experience Advanced Leadership training. Additionally, Eric cruised in 2008 by special invitation, for three weeks aboard the United States Coast Guard Barque Eagle from San Diego across the Equator, visiting the Galapagos Islands en route to Panama.

Eric’s June 2011 Quartermaster Leadership Service Project benefited Mercer Island’s Northstar Park, which serves families with educational and recreational activities. Eric is a second year student at California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, California, pursuing a degree in Marine Engineering Technology. The Maritime Academy is the 2012 host of the William I. Koch Sea Scout Cup.

Bridget Eames (20) of Mercer Island has been a BSA Venturer since 2005, and a Sea Scout since 2007.

In 2007, Bridget was selected to meet Britain’s Prince William at the England Centennial Worldwide Scouting Jamboree. Bridget is a violinist and a sacred music chorister.

Bridget has played in the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra and has sung with Seattle’s Saint James Cathedral’s Jubilate Choir, Seattle’s North American Martyrs Parish Choir and West Palm Beach, Florida’s Cathedral Choir.

In 2008, Bridget cruised by special invitation, for three weeks aboard the United States Coast Guard Barque Eagle from San Diego across the Equator, visiting the Galapagos Islands en route to Panama. Bridget’s May 2011 Quartermaster Leadership Project benefited the Seattle Archdiocesan Committee on Catholic Scouting.

Bridget and her team offered a retreat for scouts, scouters, their friends and families. The retreat celebrated the “Brave Clean and Reverent” points of the BSA Scout Law Centennial 1911-2011.

The leadership service project featured two elements of powerful spiritual support in the universal struggle for personal purity: first: Saint George, Christian soldier martyred in 303 under the Roman Emperor Diocletian and Baden Powell ‘s choice as Patron Saint of Scouting and second: the Angelic Warfare Confraternity, a band of believers inspired by one teenager’s victory over temptation nearly 800 years ago.

Bridget is a freshman at Wyoming Catholic College, a partner with nearly 50-year-old NOLS, National Outdoor Leadership School of Lander Wyoming.

Congratulations to Eric and Bridget on earning the rank of Quartermaster.  Special thanks to Katherine Eames for sharing this article for posting.

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