Sea Scout Day of Remembrance: June 30, 2012

The Sea Scout Day of Remembrance is to honor those who dedicated their lives to building Sea Scouts into a 100-year program.

Sea Scouts around the United States should all honor those in their areas who provided leadership and positive service to youth.  Those who are honored can be from any level of Sea Scouts, from a Mate on a Ship to National Committee.

A Day of Remembrance Ceremony can be held many ways, from simply ringing 8 Bells during an activity to a wreath laying.

Here are early Sea Scout pioneers, who are just some of the volunteers we should remember on June 30, 2012:

Arthur A. Carey, founder of Sea Scouts in the United States and first Chairman of the Committee on Sea Scouting.

Charles T. Longstreth, co-founder of Sea Scout and wrote the first Sea Scout Manual.

Thomas J. Keane, National Sea Scout Director, who re-organized Sea Scouts into the period of our largest program growth.

Dr. William Menninger, author of the 1939 Handbook for Skippers and possibly the most successful skipper in Sea Scout history.

Carl D. Lane, distinguished maritime author who wrote the 1939 Sea Scout Manual, which was used by every Sea Scout who served in World War 2.

There is no shortage of heroes in Sea Scouts.  On June 30, 2012 please remember those who dedicated their lives to helping others.

If another day would serve your local community better as a day of remembrance, such as Fourth of July or the annual Boy Scout Council Dinner, please honor your Sea Scout heroes on the best day for your area.

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