Day ONE of Report to the Nation:

The Capitol

Today marked the beginning of the Boy Scouts annual Report to the Nation.  We all arrived at the hotel around one this afternoon, and met for orientation.  Once we were oriented (many warnings were given regarding the mini bars and the sensors regulating whether or not people had moved ANYTHING), we got on the bus and made our way to  a building across from the Capitol for pictures.  We were then accosted by a snow storm, which was the first time that Koa from Hawaii had ever seen snow!

After that, we all got back on the bus and drove over to the Goddard Space center.  We got to know each other better by playing ice breakers, and then we

Koa's First Snow Storm

had a pizza party thanks to our hosts at the Goddard Space Center.  Once we had all eaten our fill, our wonderful hosts led us on a tour of the Space Center, and we got to see some of the amazing new spaceships that are currently in the works!

Overall, it was an excellent start to the week, and I am really looking forward to the next few days!

Eva Hogan

National Sea Scout Boatswain

Ship 502 – Houston, TX


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