Northeast Region Bridge of Honor

On the weekend of March 24, I had the privilege of attending the Northeast Region’s Bridge of Honor.  I arrived Friday night, met some amazing Northeast Region Sea Scouts, and helped set up.  On Saturday, I attended two meetings.  The first was the Northeast Region Committee meeting, where all things Northeast were gone over, such as programs and budgets.  As someone from Southern Region, it was extremely interesting to see the way Flotillas* worked to support the region.  I then attended the Boatswain’s meeting, where I was able to meet and talk with many of the Boatswains from around the region.  Keep up the good work Boatswains!

Around that time, everybody started to prepare for the Bridge of Honor. Some kids wend to get dressed and others helped with the Landship.  When everyone was ready, they all filed into the hotel’s ballroom where the ceremony and dinner took place.  Once everyone had eaten an excellent dinner, the ceremonies began.  The Northeast Region has an award called Sea Scout of the Year, where each ship votes on one outstanding youth from their unit to receive the award.  Many outstanding, and worthy youth were recognized!

Next was the Change of Watch.  The Bridge marks the end of the year for one Northeast Region Boatswain, and the beginning of the year for the next.  Amanda Ballassi stepped down at this year’s Bridge, passing the torch along to Ryan Mock, her Boatswain’s Mate.  Brenda Renninger was inducted into office as Boatswain’s Mate.  When the watch had been changed, both Ryan and I were surprised by Mr. Guzman (the Northeast Region Commodore), Mr. Wurster (National Commodore), and Mr. Christopher (Director of Sea Scouts), as they presented us with our Quartermaster pins.  An excellent surprise, if I do say so myself!

After the ceremony, there was the ball.  All the Sea Scouts were dressed in formal attire, and had an excellent time dancing, talking, and eating hors d’oeuvres!

I really enjoyed seeing how things were done in the Northeast Region, and I’d like to thank them for inviting me!

Eva Hogan

National Sea Scout Boatswain

Houston, TX – Ship 502


*Flotillas are the Northeast Region’s way of dividing the region into smaller, more manageable chunks, which then report to the Northeast Region Committee.


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