A New Website

As you all may know and especially if you do not, the Sea Scout Website is being updated.  As such, the old website, http://www.seascout.org, is no longer up-to date.  We are all slowly switching over to the new site, http://www.newseascout.org, which will eventually become the official Sea Scout website.  All reference materials can now be found at the new location!  Check it out, it has a lot of fantastic information on it!

Happy Browsing and Fair Winds,

Eva Hogan

National Sea Scout Boatswain

Houston, TX – Ship 502

2 thoughts on “A New Website

  1. I checked the old website and the email discussion lists seem to have stopped around October 2011. What happened? Are the listserve’s gone? or just moved, and I’m not smart enough to figure out where they are now.

    • Hi Robert!

      The new website does not support the ol email lists, but we will be using a best practices page (see the BSA website for an example, as we will be using theirs) in order to keep the conversation going!

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