Back to School & Recruiting

Students across the United States went back to school this week. Every Sea Scout Ship should be planning recruiting events, whether they are visiting Boy Scout Troops, participating in “club day” at their school or hosting a “Welcome Aboard Day.”

Here are videos Sea Scouts can use to showcase the many opportunities in our program.

What Sea Scouts Means to Me

This is a new “concept” Sea Scout promotional video. We are trying a “Voice of the Scout” theme to highlight the opportunities in Sea Scouts. We filmed several Sea Scouts explaining what the program means to each of them. All were excellent and a wonderful reminder of why we all volunteer.

William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup

Footage from the 2012 “Koch Cup,” held at California Maritime Academy.

60th Ancient Mariner Regatta

The “Diamond Jubilee” of the Ancient Mariner Regatta on the USS Hornet.

Sea Scouts- Program Overview

Program overview of Sea Scouts, including history, opportunities and activities.

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