Why Sea Scouts is Celebrating a Centennial

Sea Scouts, BSA is a century old because of its dedicated volunteers. They are the ones who inspire youth leadership and create opportunities for Sea Scouts. One of those individuals was Charles J. Elliott, from the San Francisco Bay Area. Chuck passed away on November 21, 2012.

Fleet Admiral Nimitz presenting Sea Scout Charles Elliott the Quartermaster Award.

Fleet Admiral Nimitz presenting Sea Scout Charles Elliott the Quartermaster Award.

Chuck had an amazing life. He grew up during the Great Depression and World War II. He joined the Sea Scout Ship Navigator, a sailing whaleboat out of San Francisco. Chuck also had the distinction of Fleet Admiral Nimitz presenting him the Quartermaster Award.

Chuck was lifelong friends with one of his shipmates who also earned his Quartermaster that night. Both would ultimately serve as the others’ best man at their respective weddings.

Charles Elliott embodied the Scout Law, especially a Scout is Loyal, Helpful, Kind and Friendly. Demonstrating extreme loyalty to his community, he served in many civic organizations. One such example was his service in the Coats Guard Auxiliary for over 32 years, where he was know for being dedicated and a kind mentor to others.

As a Sea Scout leader, Chuck had a super human ability to get donations from civic groups to support his last ship, the Gryphon of Redwood City. Chuck also served with a chartered partner for two other Sea Scout Ships in the Bay Area, the Corsair and Viking.

Onboard the USS Potomac.

Onboard the USS Potomac.

Chuck Elliott was just one of the great people who provided positive opportunities for youth in the first 100 years of Sea Scouts. The New Century of Sea Scouts will require more people like him, willing to put in the time and effort to make a difference for others.

Red skies, Mr. Elliott.


2 thoughts on “Why Sea Scouts is Celebrating a Centennial

  1. My father was the first colored seascout in the world . He sailed on the national flag ship 1 Porporise in 1935. Arthur W Morgan. before that he was also in the seascouts which he was asked to take people on tour Seth Parker He rejoiced the Porporise when he returned

    • My dad was assigned to the National F lag S hip 1 called the porpoise. I can’t find any information on it dad was an ensign on this ship. He also was a cabin boy on the Seth Parker expeidition from 1934-1935. If you look up Seth Parker expidition and look up Images you will see a copy of his picture. First Colored Seascout in the world.


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