Recruiting Best Practices

Recruiting is one of the most important things in Sea Scouting, a ship cannot last without it. Some ships succeed at recruiting and other don’t. Obviously I’m no expert, but I have seen what has worked and what hasn’t worked. Here are some ideas:

  • Take recruits onto the boats! That is the heart of the program and the biggest factor if a scout will join or not. Sailing is fun, so use it to your advantage.

    #GetOnTheWater during your recruiting activities!

    #GetOnTheWater during your recruiting activities!

  •  Have some event for the parents. The scouts can say they want to join, but if the parents aren’t into it then that idea will get shut down. Involve the parents!
  • Recruit Boy Scouts, Venturers, American Heritage Girls, and Girl Scouts. They make great scouts and the older ones are usually tired of their current scout group and are looking for something new and exciting. Recruit towards that emotion.
  •  Use food toward your advantage. People are a lot more likely to go toward your stand for a free burger, and while they are eating you can make friends with them and talk to them.
  • Make friends! This is truly the best way to recruit scouts. When they feel like a part of a group then they will most likely join.

A few other things that might help is to be nice, truthful, and professional. It’s a great program and Best of luck in your recruiting!

Eugene DeNezza, II

Northeast Region Boatswain

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