Fall Fun Rally Recap

Sea Scouts from Indiana Ship 393 at the FFR.

Sea Scouts from Indiana Ship 393 at the FFR.

Have you heard about the largest Venturing event in the nation? The Fall Fun Rally(FFR) just took place the last weekend in September and is already scheduled to be September 25-27, 2015 next year, so mark your calendars! At this past FFR, there were Scouts and Scouters in attendance from over 14 different states from three of the four regions in the nation totaling to over 1,300 people. A large group of Sea Scouts from the Central and Southern Region were in attendance as well.

Sea Scout and Venturing leadership from around the country traveled to the FFR for the weekend.

Sea Scout and Venturing leadership from around the country at FFR.

Some of these Scouts included Peter Schmidt, the National Sea Scout Boatswain; Maddie Culwell, the National Venturing President; Emily Mausshardt, the Central Region Venturing President; Edward Abraham, the Western Region Venturing President; and Katie Bruton, the Central Region Sea Scout Boatswain.


Central Region Boatswain Katie Bruton Speaks at a training session.

Central Region Boatswain teaching at FFR.

Peter, the National Boatswain, spoke at the Sea Scouting courses that took place during the weekend about some of the new changes coming to the Sea Scouting program. Katie, the Central Region Boatswain, taught several Sea Scout courses from “What is Sea Scouting? to Introduction to Leadership Skills for Ships(ILSS). There were many other courses offered throughout the weekend including some of the new trainings required for the new Venturing awards. Besides trainings courses, there were over 90 events including crate stacking, one of the most popular events from the weekend. If you would like to read more about some of the awesome things that took place at this past year’s FFR and to view some pictures, click here!

Katie Bruton
Central Region Sea Scout Boatswain


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