Safety at Sea San Francisco

Flare practice at Safety at Sea San Francisco.

Flare practice at Safety at Sea San Francisco.

One of the most exciting programs offered to Sea Scouts around the country is Safety at Sea. Safety at Sea is a day or weekend long event where Sea Scouts partner up with the US Coast Guard to learn about maritime safety. Sounds boring, right? Not so, the best part about Safety at Sea is that you are not just learning you are doing! From steering a fast response Coast Guard Vessel, to lighting flares, patching pipes, extinguishing fires, firehose practice, swimming in survival suits,  to maritime law enforcement, and so much more Sea Scouts get first hand experience to prepare them for any maritime emergency.

Safety at Sea FirehoseIn San Francisco Bay, Safety At Sea is held on Yerba Buena Island and has been a part of scouting the Western Region’s Area 3 for over two decades. This year we were fortunate enough to have a unit from Klamath Falls, Oregon to join us as well. As a volunteer I was assisting in the flashpan event where we teach the youth to properly use a fire extinguisher and the concept of rigging a tow.
Both of these concepts are pivotal in a maritime environment. There are many other events, such as operating a dewatering pump and a simulated damage control event. These events go a long way in preparing our youth to respond to emergency situations in as calm a manner as possible as well as knowing the proper responses for situations. Safety At Sea has had it’s share of fair and foul weather years and it’s the foul years that test the knowledge learned each year on the island.
If you want to learn more about Safety at Sea check out this video created by the Western Region Commodore or check out #SafetyAtSea on Instagram!


Cat Murphy-Bevan
Western Region Boatswain

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