Winter Blues Got Your Ship Down?

A Sea Scout works on ship maintenance over the winter.

A Sea Scout works on ship maintenance over the winter.

Since the summer and warm weather has passed us, it’s time to think about winter activities.

There are so many different ways for you and your fellow ship members to hone your seamanship skills. One way to do this during the cold months is to work on your navigation knowledge and skills. There are many online options for courses and your local Power Squadron should have several options for classes.

Not only will navigation training prepare you to become a better sailor, but navigation is also a large portion of the seamanship requirements on the path towards Quartermaster.

As you are improving your boating skills you and your ship should also consider doing fundraisers. These fundraisers could go towards your summer (or winter) ship activities or boat upkeep. One of the ships in Chicago does a Christmas tree sale that goes towards their ship funds. Another unit sells Christmas wreaths, as you can see, the possibilities are nearly endless with some determination and creativity.

This time of year is also a perfect time to make sure your boats are in top-notch condition so that the summer can be spent on the water. So, instead of thinking about how you aren’t able to go out on the water as much, think about how you can get ahead so that when you are boating, you are more capable of enjoying your time.

As your ship comes up with wonderful winter ideas, make sure to post to Instagram and Tweet them with the hashtags #SeaScouts #GetontheWater so others can see great ideas of how to spend the winter months.

Happy Holidays!
Katie Bruton
Central Region Sea Scout Boatswain

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