Summer Plans and Leadership Opportunities

It’s never too early to start planning your summer!  There are all kinds of activities for you and your ship to enjoy this summer like the Central Region Sea Scout Rendezvous in Springfield, IL on May 15-17, 2015.  At this event, you can enjoy cardboard canoe races, Sea Scout triathlons, swamped canoe races, and much more!

NAYLEThere are also so many ways to improve your leadership skills across the nation while having an awesome time.  After taking Introduction to Leadership Skills for Ships (ILSS) and your council’s National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), you can attend National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE).  NAYLE participants take their leadership skills to the next level while having epic adventures.  During the 2015 year, NAYLE will be offered at all of the four high adventure bases! The sessions are as follows:


Florida Sea Base (fee: $995):

  • Feb. 28-Mar. 6
  • Apr. 11-17

Philmont Scout Ranch (fee- $395):

  • June 14-20
  • June 21-27
  • July 4-10
  • July 12-18
  • July 19-25
  • July 26-Aug. 1
  • Aug. 2-8

Northern Tier (fee- $385):

  • June 21-27
  • July 5-11

Summit Bechtel Reserve (fee- $395):

  • July 12-18
  • July 19-25

For more information on NAYLE, visit:

If you staff your council’s NYLT and you want to improve your leadership skills, there is a great way to do this also.  “The NYLT Leadership Academy is designed to train youth staff to be world-class presenters, evaluators and leaders of their council National Youth Leader Training course.”  You do not have to attend NAYLE to attend the NYLT Leadership Academy.  Both are excellent programs to strengthen your leadership capabilities.

In 2015, the NYLT Leadership Academy is being offered in two locations: Washington, DC, and St. Louis, MO.

Washington, DC (fee $395)-

  • July 5-11
  • July 12-18

St. Louis, MO (fee: $395)-

  • July 26-Aug. 1

For more information on the NYLT Leadership Academy, visit:

SEALAnother great leadership opportunity is attending SEAL. SEAL is a national Sea Scout leadership training based at sea. SEAL focuses on sailing and navigation. Although it is a tough course, it is rewarding.  There are various locations this coming summer including (fee: $245-$280):

  • Newport Beach, CA: June 18-28
  • Chesapeake Bay, MD: June 20-28
  • Galveston Bay, TX: July 10-19
  • Long Island Sound, NY: July 11-19
  • Seattle, WA: July 22-31

Not only are these experiences unforgettable, leadership is a big part of earning your Quartermaster so get out there and have an awesome summer learning new leadership techniques!

Katie Bruton

Central Region Sea Scout Boatswain


2 thoughts on “Summer Plans and Leadership Opportunities

  1. Enjoyed the weekend! Great fun and fellowship. Thank you to T.W, and Michael for keeping us informed, fed well and friendly competition.

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