Sea Scouters Honored for Contributions to Program

The BSA’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia this week was a special one for one Sea Scout and three Sea Scouters.

Christopher and Schmidt National VLA

National Boatswain Peter Schmidt and National Director Keith Christopher receive the the National Venturing Leadership Award.

On May 20th, at the Venturing and Sea Scouting Reception both National Boatswain, Peter Schmidt, and National Director, Keith Christopher, were presented the National Venturing Leadership Award for exceptional service to the Venturing and Sea Scout Programs at the national level. Below is an expert from Keith Christopher’s National VLA presentation.


In the 1920’s Commander Thomas Keane of the US Navy assumed the role as the first Director of Sea Scouting. Utilizing his naval background, he wrote the first Sea Scout Manual, created the first adult leader training, and expanded the membership exponentially. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential Sea Scouters of all time.

Almost a hundred years later, the 21st Century Thomas Keane has utilized his Scouting background to bring about major changes to our program. He has overseen the production of two new Sea Scout Manuals, the first new Uniform in almost a century, he has brought Adult Leader Training onto the web, built connections in the boating world and the scouting community, and much much more. His work always has the youth in mind and he has made a difference in the lives of countless scouts from coast to coast.”

-Peter Schmidt

Johnson Silver Antelope

National Boatswains Edward Campbell and Peter Schmidt with Silver Antelope Recipient Cassie Johnson.

On May 22nd, at the Southern Region Luncheon National Committee Member Cassie Johnson was presented the Silver Antelope Award. Cassie has over 20 years of service to Sea Scouting where she has served as a Ship Committee Chair, Council Venturing Training Chair, Council Sea Scout Fleet Training and Marketing Volunteer, National Sea Scout Committee, and chairman of the National Sea Scout Program Content Subcommittee. Recently, she has overseen the revisions of the Sea Scout Advancement Requirements, the Sea Scout Manual, and she helped to write the online Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training Modules.

And finally on May 22nd at the BSA’s National Recognition Dinner National Committee Member Bob Sirhal was presented the Silver Buffalo Award. Bob is a longtime Scouter with experience in all programs where he has served as a troop and ship committee chair, a Venturing Advisor, a Sea Scout Commodore, a district chair, a council president, Section OA Advisor, Area President, Regional Vice President, National OA Vice Chair,and Jamboree Operations Group Vice Chair to name a few. He has also served on the National Basic Training Task Force, National Cub Scout Committee, and National Sea Scout Committee.

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